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Thank you for stopping by my website. I’m a creative and freelance photographer located at Toronto, ON, Canada.

My interest in photography started with my first point & shoot camera and it took me another year to switch to my first DSLR. I explore different genres of photography. I love capturing street photos, landscapes and portraits. As a freelance photographer my assignments cover concerts and events.

This website showcase some of my works and my journey as a photographer. The travel and photography blog gives some more insight to my passion of capturing moments and sharing it with the world.
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Year 2020 – Photography in the new normal
My daily routine changed so much that even an evening walk or short trips away from home happened to be precious and unforgettable.
The photos selected in this post are a break away from the monotony and anxious days of last year.
In search of NEOWISE
The summer in Ontario provided great options to the night sky watchers and photographers. Night sky definitely ruptured the clout of boredom of the trying times – splendid milky way spanning the night sky, the great Buck Moonrise and the annual meteor showers. But this year a new visitor to our solar system definitely stole the show – NEOWISE comet.
Looking back at 2019
While checking my photo collection from 2019, there are a melange of shots in and around Toronto. Most are from day trips to explore nearby areas. Also a good proportion of shots are random clicks in my backyard.
Here are five images that are either memorable while shooting or loved the final output after post-processing.
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